In conjunction with the special tire mix from exclusive partner Michelin and as the last link in a very long chain, the springs and dampers from WP Suspension ensure optimum contact with the road surface. On the front axle, the pushrod chassis - derived directly from the world of formula racing - features compression damping with high and low-speed settings as well as adjustable rebound damping. All these setting options are also available on the rear axle, although here the spring/damper unit is directly attached to the wheel mounting.


The crash box at the nose of the vehicle provides for additional safety. Thanks to its carbon-aluminium sandwich construction, it even complies with the strict safety regulations of the FIA-GT and Formula 3.


To counteract its extreme driving power, the KTM X-BOW COMP R offers the same level of braking power. The Brembo brake system employs a four-piston, fixed-calliper brake on the front axle, with an internally ventilated, slotted disc measuring 305 mm in diameter; the rear unit is a two-piston, fixed-calliper brake with a diameter of 262 mm. The X-BOW COMP R therefore only needs 32.9 metres to brake from 62 mph to 0.


Four layers of carbon fibre, epoxy resin, elaborate handiwork, autoclave technology: All come together to produce the twin-wall, two-part, extremely lightweight, carbon monocoque, which is manufactured by composite-fibre specialist Wethje in Germany. The result is a carbon- fibre construction that provides highest levels of safety, but only weighs 80 kilogrammes – with an unbelievably high torsional stiffness of 35.000 Nm/rad.


The FIA-homologated 6-point belt is specially adapted and optimized for the usage in the KTM X-BOW. The lap belt adjustment- and fastener- system makes a quick and easy belt fastening respectivly tightening possible. The shoulder strap is ready for HANS® Systems.


The steel roll-over structure has been designed for the toughest racing situations with the purpose to increase safety.


The rear of the KTM X-BOW COMP R accommodates a 2.0-litre TFSI engine from premium manufacturer Audi. The state-of-the-art large series tested power unit works with gasoline direct injection and combines the dynamics of turbocharging with highly effective charge air cooling. Alongside outstanding power and torque characteristics, the four-cylinder engine surprises above all with it’s low running costs.


The OMP fire extinguisher system is electronically activated and consists, amongst other things, of a 1.1 gal. container, tubing, nozzles, a control box and an external push button. The system is homologated due to FIA 2000 standard.


The best from Michelin’s motor racing department: Your KTM X-BOW COMP R arrives on Michelin slick tires which are made for even faster lap times and more mileage on the racing circuit. Michelin rain tryres are available up on request.


One look underneath the KTM X-BOW COMP R reveals the three-piece, completely flat, racing underbody derived from formula racing vehicles. Almost 440 lbs of downforce are generated at 125 mph thanks to the front splitter, underbody and rear diffuser and close to 880 lbs with the aerodynamics packages that haven been developed exclusively for the KTM X-BOW.


Tried and tested in series production, but tuned optimally to the KTM X-BOW COMP R: The manual 6-speed gearbox from Audi always has the right gear available. The Drexler limited slip differential that comes as standard guarantees optimum propulsion in every curve.
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